About Youth Ministry and Confirmation

As a ministry, our primary mission is to lead young people to Christ. We are called to invite the youth to be part of a great adventure-to be disciples of Jesus Christ who are called to transform the world.

Everything we do is aimed to systematically and intentionally bring the youth to a closer connection with Christ. We bring young people together in the community, while providing them with the knowledge, faith skills and passion necessary to live as disciples. To do this, we must provide opportunities and experiences for youth to encounter and deepen their faith. We must take a comprehensive approach to catechesis that includes religious education (cognitive), faith formation (affective), and discipleship (behavior).

Let's face it- in today's culture, ethnic communities, family, lifestyle and geographical setting, our young people have a wide range of needs, interests, resources and even spiritual desires. When it comes to ministry, we realize that "one size does not fit all!" This is why, as part of our plan for Comprehensive Youth Ministry, we offer a variety of activities that meet at various times on different days of the week, that vary in size and cover a wide range of topics. This way, there is something for everyone!
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